Part 20

by CM Towns

   The spotlight swung around the roof of one of the skyscrapers in downtown Kirby City. The lights were from a police helicopter searching for the known villain Jai-Oin. They had deciphered the coordinates left for Kid Victory which was no surprise. The villain had left the coordinates as to meet. A response to Kid Victory’s various actions throughout the county in an attempt to force Jai-Oin into a confrontation. What surprised Kid Victory was that the police thought he would be dumb enough to be at those exact coordinates. He was watching from a couple buildings down looking for a sign from his rogue. Victory figured those directions were just to put him in the general vicinity.
   Kid Victory used his visors binocular/night vision functions to view other buildings and the street below. Nothing popped up and he sighed. Kid Victory checked his phone, looked for any news from his teammates and partners. Snikered at what he read and then checked the police chatter. It sounded like they were planning to leave sooner or later. They had checked the building floor to floor and everything was clear.
   Kid Victory wondered if this would have happened a few months ago. Not all the police were on his side, not even half, but some of the top brass would have kept their noses out as long as it was contained. Now with Division 1 up and running the government wanted a crackdown on the masks and capes. Kid Victory started to consider that the team needed to work on getting their multiple safe houses up and running. They were relying on the money trickling down from Big Boss and his pals plus some help from the Collingworths family. Kid Victory needed to consider a new money source but the only thing they knew was stealing from criminals which they were already doing. He didn’t much care for that tactic but it worked.

   Victory started counting the few safe houses they had. There was one Cardy County. It was their main safe house which was located in a Toth City, a once empty office space used for a private practice across from another medical practice-one that did x-rays. It was a tight area with three access points. They would have to be careful to move in and out to avoid too much attention. They could also use the homes set up for those going back to school (one of the address shared by two sets of identity). One was a two room apartment and they had paid the manager a nice amount of cash not to pay any attention. The other was a small home with three rooms nearby that same apartment complex. There was another safe house in the state that was two counties down, a nice three room condo that was a bit pricey. There was a safe house in Kirby which was located in Englehart, a small area in Kirby sandwich between two larger towns. A gated apartment complex, this place being two rooms. There was also the area under the condemned Fun Land which the team had used previously. There was some work done recently but a lot needing to be done, to section off the former lair of one of Victory’s rogues. That would be close to those in the Intelligence Hub. One home in San Pedro set up by Reina and Red Sprite. They had been in the process of setting up a safe house in New York and Chicago but had not yet pulled the trigger on any choices.
   Kid Victory was annoyed. The safe houses were running through cash and that’s why they had heavily rely on their associates and contacts.
   As Kid Victory thought about this an arm slipped around his neck. A sleeper hold, Kid Victory tried to use his hands to keep some separation. His mind raced counters-assuming it was Jai-oin he knew what to do. A kick hard back into the left knee-Jai-Oin’s had surgery on that. The grip around his neck loosened enough for him to toss him off. Jai-Oin kicked up into his head as Victory went to follow up. Jai-Oin up quick and started with the punches, Kid Victory blocked each and every one. Tried for a right jab but Jai-Oin side stepped and blocked. Kid Victory tried for a kick hoping to catch the Ninja Master off guard during his steps but the leg was caught. Kid Victory was pushed down to the ground and he rolled up into a squatting position.
   The two were in fighting position. Kid Victory had fought Jai-Oin before who not only was an incredible fighter but was better in hand to hand combat. Kid Victory tried a low kick and Jai-Oin blocked with his shin. A jab tossed away. Jai-Oin stepped back, dropped his stance and stood straight. Kid Victory knew what he was doing-disrespecting him as a fighter. Kid victory moved in but caught a back right elbow to the chest. He blocked the spinning back left elbow but got tripped down with a swift sweep. Kid Victory rolled, threw a kick up from the ground that was caught. Kid Victory moved onto the one leg while Jai controlled is other. Kid Victory back flipped, landed on his feet. Caught a punch to the head, one to the gut, savate kick knocking him on his bottom. A lunge but Kid Victory caught him with his boots to the gut and tossed Jai-Oin back. the ninja landed in a hand walk before maneuvering onto his feet.
   “Look, I really just need to talk,” Kid Victory said.
   Jai-Oin pulled his sword and said, “Talk? You subscribe to the ‘talk or I beat it out of you’ philosophy. So beat it out of me.”
   Kid Victory pulled his clubs. Jai-Oin attacked and Kid Victory blocked with his pair of weapons. Ducked a swing and backed up. The two moved, circling first and then Kid Victory backed up farther. The two traded attacks again. Kid Victory decided to put the clubs together into a bow. Kid Victory spun the bow around, showing off before going for strikes with the tip. Jai-Oin dodged, blocked one with his sword. The two continued for moments before Jai-Oins swipe cut the bows back in their original halves. Or rather cutting apart the locking mechanism that connected them.
   “Damn,” Kid Victory said. He threw both clubs, Jai-Oin knocked them away with the sword but took a dropkick to the chest full force. Jai landed on his back, Kid Victory pulled his knife while getting up.
   “A knife?” Jai-Oin said mockingly.
   “Well, I figure the stun gun would make you think less of me.”
   “The fact you did not hear me sneak up on you makes me think less of you,” he replied.
   “I have questions that need answering and word is you might have answers,” Kid Victory said.
   “Answers? You show up to my soldiers nests, scare them. You run down my men on the street. You almost beat a soldier in front of her child. I do not feel it necessary to give answers,” Jai-Oin threw out.
   “When did you get so concerned about your clan? At least, the ones here,” Kid Victory questioned.
   “Concern? That’s not it. It’s all about being an excellent leader. They die or get incarcerated I will not shed tears. Yet their work for me is important, so if I must step up and strike down the one whose making their lives harder. That makes their dedication stronger,” Jai-Oin retorted.
   “You big softie,” Kid Victory said with a smile before adding, “King. Word around was that you knew King.”
   “Picked that up have you? My King is different than your King,” Jai-Oin said.
   No surprise. Jai-Oin was not just some ninja but he claimed to be time displaced. A fact backed up with some very interesting technology they had which they attempted to reproduce with the current technology available.
   “I just want to know what you know.”
   Jai-Oin laughed then put the sword away.
   “A month. You stay away from any and every one of my men. Any case you even believe is tied to me, you walk the other way,” he directed.
   Kid Victory mulled it over. “Two weeks. If it’s good,” was Kid Victory’s answer.
   “I’m a time traveler, my information is almost useless in this period,” Jai-Oin admitted.
   “Than why would I-” Kid Victory stopped himself. He then nodded, “Fine.”
   “I am from a deep future, centuries away. A future that I can not return to because of alternate timelines. Should I explain further?” asked Jai-Oin.
   “No need. Disruptions in the timeline create alternate timelines. Your future will not come about in this line. Thats a problem with traveling backwards, its easier to travel forward then back. Blah blah blah. I hate time travel just give me what I want,” Kid Victory answered.
   “In my time King was still a shadowy figure. Had overall control of most the world. All the major crime was controlled by certain groups. They paid a portion to King. If not they were destroyed,” Jai-Oin stated.
   “So basically you paid up or you would be cut.”
   “My clan were an extension of the crime family that ruled Japan and other parts of Asia with homes abroad.”
   “How did King deal with clan and gangs fighting each other?”
   “King didn’t. As long as he was paid.”
   “His name was Worth, right?” asked Kid Victory.
   “Ours was Daniel Worth. Or at least we believed. There was meetings between top men from the crime families and syndicates but I doubt he showed in person,” Jai-Oin answered.
   “Anything useful you can give me?”
   “It is possible that the families in this era are not well aware of King, but King would have infiltrated every major crime organization. From your friends in Daga and Teiwaz to the Cosa Nostra, Yakuza, and others,” Jai-Oin told him.
   “Including gun runners?”
   “The ones with the best merchandise. In this timeframe-” Jai-Oin started and Kid Victory figured he was about to get a headache, “I believe the timeline of the superhumans is earlier.”
   “Something-some reason, the aliens arrived later. Reina Titán has a different name but it’s the same warrior. You? You’re older with a slightly different name. You and Marvel had a longer partnership,” Jai-Oin said.
   Kid Victory responded, “So the top gun lords know him. The top crime organizations probably have a mole. Not to mention how many politicians and power men in governments all through the world. Word is he’s based in Europe-jumping from England to Spain. Where was he in your world?”
   “Do you think he will keep to the shadows or will he move out from them?” inquired Kid Victory.
   Jai-Oin answered, “Things are different here. Inside or out, your best chance of beating him is to destroy his allies. Crush his power bases. That takes the kind of resolve you do not have.”
   “Anything else?”
   “You have eyes on many targets, to deal with this threat you have to have your team focused specifically on this one. You can not have one team in Detroit and the others elsewhere. All these enemies are diverting your attention and in some cases being done by criminals with ties to King,” Jai-Oin explained.
   “Thats not what I wanted,” Victory said.
   “Oh-he was white, rich and his family owned banks and had very powerful friends. Bitch what do you want? A fucking address for the Worth man here in this time? I can’t help you with that,” Jai-Oin said before turning and walking away.
   Kid Victory waited for a few moments before turning to the ledge of the building and looking out into the city.