Part 22

by CM Towns

   Pair of cars raced down Fenlon avenue and made a hard turn on East Neveda street. A short distance ahead a local police station. One the occupants of the cars planned on visiting. A blast hit the road ahead and both cars swerved. Huntsman landed on the street with his gun arm aimed. The occupants got out and stared down the purple colored machine kid.
   “You alone?” asked Mateo.
   “You absorb energy right?” Huntsman said before unloading a large blast on Mateo sending him flying.

   Viridian went to the air with MC and Renate taking positions. Brown Widow landed on Viridan, tangling with her in the air. SubHuman and Mr. Monster leaped from one of Araminta’s gates. SubHuman blasting at MC who dodged and Mr. Monster knocking away Renate. Renate tossed a dozen cards into Monsters back as he moved away. A blast took Mr. Monster down. Mateo wa sup and sued a second blast to push SubHuman back. Brown Widow was tossed aside by Viridian who dodged Huntsmans blast before using her magnetic powers to throw away Huntsman.
   MC threw fireballs at SubHuman and Brown Widow. Widow easily dodged and then propelled herself toward him but hit a wall of ice he materialized. Gravity Woman appeared from a gate and flew up to meet Viridian in a mid air match. Renate kept Brown Widow at bay with two handful of cards, swinging like fans. Mr. Monster got close enough to MC to hit him with a hard right fist. SubHuman was fighting hand to hand with Mateo and he was playing with him, mocking before he knocked him out. The showdown was easily in the Guards favor until the cyborg landed.
   Huntsman tackled him to the ground but was thrown off. The cyborg blasted Mateo with a low laser, enough to knock down SubHuman before he could finish the job. The cyborg propelled the lunging Mr. Monster up into Gravity Woman and when freed Viridian pulled the cars door of the hinges to smack Brown Widow.
   “NOW!!!” Viridian shouted. The cyborg flipped open the center of its chest, a circular mirror now resided. The cyborg proceed to use a flash attack which blinded the Guard. When the team could see again they saw a fire building from the patch of grass near by. SubHuman cursed, Mr. Monster wished Water was there to rid them of the trouble, and Brown Widow was just now noticing the bleeding on her arm.
   “Araminta, we’re done,” Mr. Monster said into his com on the collar of the shirt. One of Araminta’s witch circles opened, the gate allowed them to jump a safe distance away to the empty warehouse a just from the police station. The place was once a car dealership and now an empty building with dozens of busted cars in the lot. Inside Araminta was with Arturo waiting news.
   “The cyborg popped up, blinded us and they all disappeared,” Mr. Monster explained.
   “That’s good. means we could beat them without the girl. Maybe even with the cyborg,” Araminta said.
   “Probably with the cyborg. It’s appearance was a surprise but a little longer and we would have readjusted,” SubHuman said.
   “Why didn’t you get more involved in the fight?” Gravity Woman asked Huntsman.
   “Because I was advised to be careful of using my powers in group fights. I mean my blasts,” he answered.
   “Good thing the Hub worked up a list of targets but I still don’t see how this one shot up to the top of the list,” April said.
   “Attacking beating the Guard attacking the cops would be most logical step. We are being made fun of by the news and moving against another police station would effectively make them kings and queens of this city. Untouchable,” Mr. Monster said.
   “If that is true the government will be forced to move in with military soon. Or Division 1,” April said.
   “So we need to knock out these guys soon,” Arturo said.
   “First lets get back to the base, and work on the map,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Maybe we need some patrols in areas close to where the paper girl has been marked,” SubHuman said.
   “Gravity Woman and Huntsman,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Of course,” Gravity Woman responded.
   “Only engage if its one or two but before you do, contact us,” directed Mr. Monster.
   The two agreed and headed out.
   “We might be pressuring them into a fight, if that happens our sorceress will show. How do we fight her?” Araminta asked.
   “Red Sprite explained that this girl must have a quick battery. She can do a lot but she weakens quick. We take their team, she will disappear,” Mr. Monster said.
   “If she doesn’t?” Arturo asked.
   “With all her teammates beaten-we can all focus on her. Then we have to force her to expend energy and then hit her hard and overpower her,” Mr. Monster said.


   “SHIT!” Mateo shouted. The group was back at their temporary home and disheartened by their latest encounter with the Guard.
   “How’d the know we’d hit the police station?” MC asked.
   “They were tracking us,” Viridian said.
   “No. If they could do that they’d have stopped us before station-they knew we would be going there,” Mateo said.
   “We scouted several of our targets before attacking. Is it possible they have know who we are and made a list of where we might strike?” Renate asked.
   “They didn’t know the last few targets,” MC said.
   “Those were choices by Charm, not original targets. If they are tracking us against a list of possible targets than I imagine the station would have made sense with the route we were taking,” Mateo said.
   “But how are they tracking us?” Viridian asked.
   Charm appeared at the hall entrance and walked over, looked over the four, and walked to Renate. She reached behind her and pulled a tracker.
   “Planted in the last battle,” Charm said.
   “I’m sorry! I didn’t know,” Renate apologized.
   “Its not your-” Charm stumbled and Mateo caught her.
   “You’re still weak from our last fight?” he asked.
   Charm got up and said, “Yes. The help I sent made it worse.”
   “If they catch us again we’re beaten. We need a plan,” Viridian said.
   “Who was there?” Charm asked.
   “Mr. Monster, Huntsman, Gravity, SubHuman, Brown Widow and Araminta,” MC said.
   “Araminta?” asked Charm surprised.
   “Those portals only. Not in the fight,” Mateo explained.
   Charm nodded as she rolled the tracker in her fingers. She said, “Water maybe discouraged from the fight, I compromised Flash-Man and El Hijo won’t be able to fight. We take a few more out and then at the heart while they look one way. The first part is easy-the second part requires a lot on my side.”
   “So you have a plan,” Mateo stated with a smile.
   Charm looked at them all and handed the tracker back to Renate. She smiled at her and then motioned them to lean in for her scheme.