Part 25

by CM Towns

   Erica was outside the hangar when Araminta joined her. They looked at each other and Erica quickly turned her gaze.
   “We plan on the attack for tomorrow,” Araminta said what Erica already knew.
   “They don’t have their base,” she responded lumping the rest of the team together without her.
   “We. It’s we,” Araminta said and Erica shook her head to that. Araminta continued, “We believe we close enough to pinpoint them and from there a simple matter of elimination.”
   “You fighting?”

   “I am support.”
   “So your powers are not a hundred percent?”
   “More like mid-seventies to eighties. I could fight no problem but I’ve been advised to hold back unless needed. You however are letting fear stop you,” Araminta said.
   “Obviously. That girl-“
   “She has a name? Great… Charm told me what I already knew. I don’t have the resolve for this. When tested with a real enemy I would crumble. She threaten to take my eyes-break every bone if I kept at it. She proved I was right about myself-I’m not a fighter,” Water said.
   “She said more, didn’t she?”
   “She did but I don’t want to repeat any of that.”
   “So much said in a short time.”
   “What does that mean?” asked Erica suspicious of Araminta’s tone.
   “It doesn’t mean anything. I understand fear. I understand it well. If you don’t want to fight I won’t say a bad word I just think you’re better than you believe. So does April,” said Araminta.
   “What does that tranny know?”
   “She knows she doesn’t like you. For obvious reasons. She also seen first hand that you can hold your own when it goes down. We all have seen bits of it. Also-stp using that word,” Araminta said.
   “Maybe next time when I don’t have to worry about a sorceress who makes me quake in my boots,” Erica responded.
   “You can’t always pick and choose your battles,” Araminta told her before leaving her alone. Araminta joined the others at the work station.
   “So?” asked Frank. Araminta shook her head.
   “Worthless,” Arturo commented.
   “We have the manpower even without Erica and Arturo,” Elijah said.
   “True but one extra would have made the fight even quicker,” Frank said.
   “We have the plan of attack, the problem is two fold. The exact where and Charm,” April said.
   Elijah looked over the map, “This the general vicinity. Logic says it would be any of the homes vacated which gives us five choices. However that’s not good enough.”
   “They could be occupying someones home. Charm possibly has the power to do that,” Frank said.
   “So you think she’d move the family or maybe push them into a vacation?” asked April.
   “Push to a vacation. We have the Hub looking into that up,” Frank said.
   “So whats the option to hone in?” Arturo asked. Elijah pointed to his nose.
   “Will that work?” Eartha asked.
   “Let’s hope so,” he replied.
   “Now to the second problem,” April said.
   “Hold up-where’s Reed?” Eartha asked.
   “Said he was tired, so he went to sleep,” Araminta answered.
   “Okay. So yeah, second problem,” Eartha said turning to April.
   “Charm,” she said.
   “That’s the item you got for Charm?” asked Eartha.
   “A little something on loan from Kid Victory. A jewel powered weapon that should give us a brief opening to tackle her,” Elijah answered.
   “Brief opening? That’s not much,” Arturo said.
   “All we need is to beat the others. I have a feeling if we take them out-even separate them from her, that she won’t pursue taking us on,” Elijah said.
   “You sure about that?” Arturo asked.
   “No, but Kate said this jewel could do more than stun. Its entirely possible it could negate her powers for a short period of time. It’s exact power depend son the target,” he replied.
   “How’d he get it?” asked Araminta.
   “Bad Princess,” Elijah replied.
   “Collector of fine magics and artifacts. Similar to our Izam Mizer. I wonder if there is a connection,” Eartha stated.
   “I asked him about that. He doesn’t think so. Neither does Jessie or Sally,” Frank said.
   “I heard she was in jail in Sweden but that’s not confirmed,” April said.
   “So we understand what we’re doing?” Elijah asked them and they nodded. “Good. So everyone, get some rest. Tomorrow we finish this,” Elijah said.


   Renate sat on the sofa, foot tapping, nervous about the news. They were all awaiting Charms arrival. Mateo was pacing back and forth while MC held a magazine in hand trying to pass time. Viridian was seated on the ground with a laptop. Renate replayed the news Mateo and Viridian brought about their meeting.
   “You need to calm down,” Mateo commented.
   “You’re pacing around. You’re as nervous as I,” she said.
   “I’m sure we’re nervous about different things. I’m nervous out of excitement for Charms plan. You’re still unsure of this course of action,” he replied.
   “Of course I am. The Guard is… They have saved lives and taken down bad people,” Renate reiterated her point from their earlier discussion.
   “I doubt we’re going to hurt them. Just send them back with their tails between their legs,” MC said.
   “They need to be taught a lesson in humility,” Viridian stated.
   “Trying to break the team apart is not a lesson in humility,” Renate replied.
   “They claim to be superheroes yet all they do is fight the costumed enemies-they do not help the man on the street no matter what they say. Passing on info to proper authorities you can’t trust,” Viridian said.
   “Maybe they are fighting bad guys we don’t know about. Ones inside the system,” Renate argued.
   “Perhaps they are, but how much are they getting done?” Mateo asked.
   “How much are we getting done?” Renate shot back.
   “You doubt Charm’s plan?” he responded angrily. Mateo added, “You know how much we owe her!?”
   “Calm down, man. She has doubts. We all have had doubts,” MC told him.
   “It’s okay, Mateo, I understand Renate’s point,” Charm said emerging from the hall way.
   “Your meditation went well?” asked Viridian.
   “Yes it did. The plan is fully formed,” she replied as she moved in front of the sofa.
   “What do we do?” MC asked.
   “When I removed Flash-Man I lifted a key from him. I’ve had it copied and then put it back,” Charm started.
   “Key? To their headquarters?” Renate inquired.
   “Exactly. However locating their hideout was an issue. Also there is the strong possibility of magical protection,” Charm told them.
   “You’ve figured out the problems?” Mateo questioned.
   “Yes. Tomorrow me and Mateo will pay a visit and leave their headquarters a burning mess. Then when we return-we give the Guard a thorough beaten. Send them back to see what has come of their home,” Charm detailed.
   “Are you sure this is the right?” Renate asked.
   Charm leaned in and put a hand on Renate’s cheek and gave her a smile for an answer.