Part 26

by CM Towns

   It had been a few days since Sally arrived in East Ridge. The two’s first day working together Pearl was further enamored with Sally’s skill and resolve. She had much interest in Sally’s stories and enjoyed talking with her greatly. Their second night they went out and patrolled Pearls city but all they dealt with were a few drug dealers so they called it an early night which gave Pearl time to rack her brain and get Sally to tell her stories. Next day they trained in sparring, went out for lunch and Pearl showed Sally through the city. That night they ventured in Chattanooga as their alter egos and dealt with a crew of heavily armed bank robbers.
   Sally was getting ready to leave in a couple days and Pearl decided to herself, Just go for it.
   The two met up early to catch a ride into Memphis. They checked out the Dixon Gallery and Garden and went into town to sample the stores. Neither were big shoppers but they both picked up a few things. Sally listened to Pearls stories of her fights and battles while urging Sally to tell her more about her adventures and homeworld. Later in the afternoon Pearl took Sally to a special Memphis landmark, the Sun Studio.
   Sun Studio was once the place where legends such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and others recorded. The studio was a brick building with one story side that sported the SUN logo above the white portioning, a door in the center with two windows on each side. The next side was two stories tall with the windows above having vintage pictures overseeing the street, which Sally found a little unsettling. Another front floor, a long window with signs, and green overhead shade. Pearl took a seat on the bench and Sally joined her.

   “You heard of this place?” Pearl asked.
   “Yes. From a movie. It’s name escapes me,” Sally answered.
   “Walk the Line? Johnny Cash?”
   “My grandfather on my moms side, is from Memphis. Rock n’ roll city. Had all the classics. Big fan of Elvis. Personally I’m more into bad 80s hair metal and big 70s hard rock but my granddad use to talk so highly about this place,” Pearl told her.
   “You were close to your grandfather?” asked Sally.
   “Yeah. Close to most my family. Hope I’m not bringing up some sad emotions.”
   “I’m fine. I miss my family but I have a new one. Two sisters, new parents. They try their best to make me feel important and comfortable,” Sally told her.
   “You know, if I was still in Oklahoma I’d have brought you to a Native American museum or something related to my families tribe but Memphis is cool. It was hard to figure a place of significance to take someone you find cool,” Pearl said.
   Sally was a little confused as Pearl dug through bad and pulled out a bracelet of red and black beads. She gave it to Sally and took Sally’s left hand. Her eyes focused on every one of Pearls moments and her heart started beating fast, moving up her chest into her throat.
   “I’ve always been a fan of yours. You and Jessie inspired me to do what I do. Having met you just a little while ago-I really wanted to be on your mission originally but got on Jessie’s team. Her and Michie told me more about you and it made me want to have some time to hang out. Talk with you. Work with you. I’m glad you came down.
   “I know-things must be tough here. I can only imagine the loneliness you sometimes feel. I hope you can give me a chance to help you with that. To make you feel special. I would like to see you. In a romantic way. As well as a way that involves us donning our alter egos and beating up bad guys. Super girlfriends if you will,” Pearl said.
   Sally closed her eyes for a moment. The pause for Pearl was worrying, stretching longer in her head than it actually was. Sally opened her eyes and turned them to Pearl’s hand holding hers. She had never had the ritual done to her but loved her mothers story about all the boys that tried this on her. Sally thought about her mom, dad, and home. Her mind wandered to her new Earth family then to the team and finally to Pearl. Pearl who had a wink and smile since their first meeting. Pearl who went out into the night with strength and drive to do justice.
   Sally brought Pearl’s hand close to her mouth, Pearl got nervous, but then Sally turned her hand around and kissed her palm.
   Pearl let out a deep breath.
   “You know how to put a girl on her toes,” she said to Sally.
   “Jessie or Michie. Which told you how to do that?”
   “Of course.”
   “Did I do it right?” inquired Pearl and Sally nodded yes. “Okay, since this is new for both of us on some level, where would like to go?”
   Sally smiled and said, “This is your home. You choose.”
   Pearl had a big smile. “I’m not sure if I should jump to the first kiss. Normally I would but-I’ll save it. Let’s have some more fun,” said Pearl.
   Pearl got up and gave her hand to Sally, who took it.
   “C’mon. Lots to do before you have to go home,” she said.
   Sally and Pearl walked down the sidewalk, away from the legendary Sun Studio, both their hearts a flutter and light on their feet.