Part 27

by CM Towns

   “Check this out,” MC said looking over the laptop as Viridian flipped through a book, “Division has moved out of South America.”
   “They defeated the Daga?” Viridian asked.
   “Not exactly. A lot of damage done and several shot callers on both sides caught. I imagine its going to be mum for a while and whoever takes over is gonna keep quiet even longer,” MC answered.
   “The Daga started a war, the US government sent troops in to assist just to benefit their own interests and the drug war continues to make big profit in the Western world,” Viridian ranted on.
   “So they will touch down in the US. Give us grief unless we move out soon,” MC said.
   “Charm said they will go down South first. Troubles down there,” Viridian told him.
   “I looked into that the other day. Several mysterious deaths, some important people. Fishy circumstances. It’d be surprising if they skip us to deal with that,” MC replied.
   “Probably some government cover up business. Going down there means some interest is at stake.”
   “Plus we’re just foolish children who don’t know what we want. Blah blah blah reverse racism, blah blah blah plight of the rich, blah blah blah corporations are people too, blah blah blah if blacks and Mexicans don’t want to be harassed they should live in better areas and dress better. Same bull they say to make upper class white people feel like they ain’t a problem,” MC rattled off.
   “They control the news. I say we burn each of those news stations down,” she suggested.

   “I’m entirely cool with that,” agreed MC.
   Viridian checked the time, “Where is Charm and Mateo?”
   “I’m sure everything is fine,” MC replied.
   Viridian considered that. Charm is powerful, she knew she could defend herself. Mateo was a fighter but his power was not reliable. He could absorb and channel different types of energy as well as concussive force but simple things like bullets and knives could stop him.
   “You want to take a seat? Watch bad TV with me?” offered MC.
   “I’d rather read this book.”
   “Suit yourself,” MC replied.
   A loud BOOM caught the pairs attention. The two exchanged looks as Renate moved out from the room and exclaimed, “What’s happening!?”
   “Get your weapons, I’m going to check out back,” Viridian instructed.
   The two did went about that as Viridian moved out the back door. Bangs, booms, ka-clangs, and other noises above and she saw Huntsman and their cyborg engaged in combat. Viridian levitated up, planning to give their newest weapon a hand but she was caught and slammed into the ground. She looks up and there was Mr. Monster. Viridian summoned a metal chain to wrap up her attacker and used that to toss him into a wall. Viridian was then propelled through the fence by the power of Gravity Woman. Viridian pulled the few quarters she always carried and fires them up, each tagged Gravity Woman. Later Gravity Woman would describe it as being hit by tennis balls. Viridian took flight away from the pair and heard Mr. Monster below yelling. Gravity pulled him up and then shot him like a dart at Viridian. He gripped her around the neck with his legs around her waist.
   Sleeper hold! Viridian thought.
   Viridian propelled herself down onto the top of the nearby grocers, using Mr. Monster as the buffer. They bounce, he hend on but unwraps his legs from around her waist. Monster followed this by pulling her up with his strength and slamming her down on the top of the building.
   “You think… You think you can win?” Viridian asked bleeding from her head.
   “The question is, did you think you would succeed,” was his response. Viridian reached out but caught a boot to the head to knock her out.
   Down below on Michigan Avenue, MC was trading blasts with SubHuman. First fireballs but then ice blast that froze up the side of the nearest shop. SubHuman responded with large spheres of electrical fury but MC was too quick, using a shield of ice to block them. MC had spotted Viridian landing onto the grocery store a moment ago and it worried him. He knew he had to push them back and get the group to retreat. MC laid out a big wave of fire as he dashed to the vehicle, followed by a wave of ice spikes, as attempted to get into a vehicle they used. MC started to drive but the car stopped after only a meter. He checked the rear view and Gravity Woman waved, she flipped the car over before she begun to spin it like a top.
   “Let’s get him out of there. Overturn cars usually explode,” SubHuman said.
   Gravity Woman stopped and SubHuman went in to pull him out. Once SubHuman had him up, MC used an elbow to the chest followed by a brief burst of flames. MC kicked an incoming Gravity Woman and then used a blast of ice to the chest. He went to run but his belt was gripped by SubHuman, tugged him him    around, utilized an electrically charged uppercut. MC hit the ground hard.
   “You okay?” SubHuman asked Gravity and she nodded.
   “Kick really got me good,” she replied before adding, “That ice blast-I think I’m going to have a serious cold.”
   The two pulled him away as the car started to smoke, a moment later it exploded. SubHuman said, “Good work.”
   “Where’s Widow?”
   “She had a heart to heart with Renate. Everything’s fine,” Mr. Monster said while sticking on the wall of the building near them.
   “That’s really spooky,” Gravity Woman said.
   Monster detached, picked up MC and said, “Mateo and Charm are gone. No need for this,” showing off the gem he had for Charm. “Oh well, come on. Time to secure these prisoners and move out.”
   “What about Huntsman?” Gravity Woman asked and they all looked up.
   “He knows what to do,” SubHuman answered.
   Above them the battle continued between Huntsman and the cyborg. Huntsman held back for their encounters. He worried about interference from Viridian, the possible destruction, and for the cyborg himself. So far Huntsman could not see any hint of human behind the eyes (or rather the one human eye left) but did not want to hurt him. Huntsman believed Charm when she said he came from the same bomb that created him. So he knew there was a chance to save the person inside.
   “Say something? Say something?” Huntsman said.
   The cyborg fired off shots, Huntsman dodged most but one hit his shoulder. Huntsman decided to just go in and end it. Both fists to the gut then tried throwing the enemy down to the street. The cyborg paused, flew upward but caught Huntsmans blast to the head. The cyborg crashed into the street, making a nice dent. Huntsman landed and took a look around.
   No civilians gawking, good.
   The cyborg rushed in for some strikes, it caught Huntsman with each one. Huntsman was not being much of a fighter so his blocks were slow and weak. That did not stop him from using a headbutt to the chin of the larger adversary. The cyborg pushed back in response before it flipped over the mirror in its chest. Huntsman knew his next attack would be to temporarily blind him so before he could activate it Huntsman tackled him. Next used forearm strikes to the side of the head. He gripped the cyborgs face with his left hand and a burning sensation came up his arm. Wires popped out and inserted into the cyborg’s machinery. There was shaking from the cyborg as headache coming into Huntsman as his vision inverted colors and then it suddenly stopped. Huntsman felt the wires retract into his arm and he got up, the cyborg was no longer that-but a naked man.
   Huntsman looked around, felt his body. He checked his arm cannon and then a thought popped in his head. The cannon split out into three parts, they begun to spin rapidly. Huntsman pointed the cannon at the fire hydrant and fired a bright yellow blast of light. It created a huge hole with a geyser of water shooting of the ground. Huntsman stopped the cannon’s new feature, returned it to its typical shape before slid back onto his forearm.
   He worked his fingers around and considered, How very Mega Man.
   Huntsman walked over to the body, saw the man was breathing and picked him up off the ground before flying off.