Glossery & Terms

Aerithian-Ancient, dead language tied to the Wise Masters/deities.

Bolland, Millers Point, Elias Beach-Cities and towns in Kirby County.

Cardy County-the county closest to the teams headquarters. Cities include Warren and Toth City.

Current Gun-A gun that fires bolts of electricity. Normally used as a non-violent weapon, its power ca be increased to be lethal.

First Wave-Term for first alien invaders representing the Iczer Empire.

(the) Five-Term for five Alien mercenaries, which includes the villain Cektic.

Funland-Condemned amusement park in Elias Beach.

gPhone, gTablet, gComps, gTops-Specially manufactured computer and phones for the Guard by scientist Tesla.

Genuine American Monster-Jessie’s band.

Guard Headquarters-Four main floors: Living, Executive, Garage, Hanger. Map located HERE.

Iczer Empire-Alien empire, conquering worlds galaxies away.

Kirby County-The county where Antoine Jackson/Kid Victory lives.

Kirby City-The major city in the county.

Niebleheim-The alien planet Red Sprite, Izam Mizer, and others are from.

Parasite-Tool of the Guard. A bug that infiltrates computer networks and relays the information to a source over a wifi connection.

Sekowsky Mountains-The mountain range where the Guards HQ is located.

SHRT(SUPERHUMAN RESPONSE TEAM)-Tactical unit designed to deal with criminals who are too dangerous for the local authorities.

Shuin Kingdom-Kingdom on the planet of Niebleheim from which Red Sprite is from.

Specified Flying Vehicle(SFV)-Commonly called a Flier, these are advanced airships that are do not look like traditional airplanes, jets, helicopters, etc.

Starbox-Alien software reverse engineered to be adapted to Earth computers. Allows for anonymous and encrypted usage of internet at top speeds.

Teiwaz-Neo-Nazi Super Villain Organization

Tuskegee-1-The Guards SFV. Small pilot and co-pilot cock pit. Small service area with single seat, restroom and cabinets. Seating area, two sides with seven seats on each. Small cargo area. Entrance is the cargo door which operates as a ramp. Limited weapons, few missiles and magnetic cannon.

Tuskegee-2-Similar to the first flier but larger with a cargo area that can hold their mini-van, which itself is modified with battering ram and weapons.

Watchtower-Exclusive website dedicated to superhuman activities. Their is a second layer to the site that features a mysterious group called the Society that may or may not be top level hackers.

West Virgina-The state the team is located in.