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The Case Files: Relics

The fifth Guard story is entitled Relics. Here’s the write up.

As the Guard expands its ranks two new cases come down. First case takes Reina Titán and her team to Manhattan to track down an enemy she has history with, a stranded alien named Fliopt. A gifted mage who has utilized his talents and knowledge of alien technology to become one of the most in demand gun runners on Earth. Fliopt has come to Manhattan is in search of a treasure that he could use to bury his competitors and anyone who may choose to stand in his way. Joining Reina’s team includes Mr. Monster, Huntsman, and Flash-Man as well as a trio of new members. Kestrel, a female vigilante of Native American descent. Gravity Woman, a black superhuman who can manipulate the gravity around her. Also Ichi Senshi, an Asian martial artist who can create swords from spirit energy. However the weapon Fliopt seeks maybe to much for the team to stop.

The first portion of the series is a big introduction of new characters. Not just the ones listed above (Kestrel, Gravity Woman, and Ichi. Guess which two are LGBT) but also El Hijo de La Bestia who has animal mimicry powers and Bravado who was mimicry powers. Plus Water, who had a small part in the first story. The story also is the first full mention of the government superhero team who will pop up later. The villain of the piece, Fliopt, ties in to Reina (and Red Sprites) own superhero history. This story also represents the first villain that really can test Reina Titán’s power.

I really enjoyed the opening parts. The team orientation, hanging out, beginning of the training. There is also a pseudo-fashion show with Michie talking about the costumes, most of which she designed or altered. Also really dig having Reina fight someone who could bring it to her in a fight. The developing new friendships. Including Kestrel’s attraction to a certain lady and getting a little advice about it. It was interesting writing more Reina and Mr. Monster stuff as we meet Monsters family. His origin being that he was the oldest son in a rich family, specifically the second richest black family in the world.

The biggest story at this point. 29 chapters and over 215 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!


The Guard: 005 Mix

Case File 005: Relics

Rise-from Ghost in the Shell: SAC
Black Market Dealers-Funker Vogt
White Noise-Sinnister
Terminal State-Front 242
Rinzler-Daft Punk
Man Amplifiers-Clock DVA
Hammer of the Gods-Danzig
Heavy Metal-Sammy Hager

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Part 29

   It was afternoon at the suite. The Guard was hanging out with the Collingsworth family. Later that night the team would be packed and heading out to the Tuskegee-2 to fly back to base (except Michie who went home yesterday). For now they were staying around so Elijah could have a little more time with his family before being isolated back back at HQ. That and the family wanted to a little more time to get to know Jessie.
   Elijah’s sister Yari was talking with Pearl and Eartha on the couch while Eartha was showing off a little of her powers. Elijah’s brother Joe was seated with Reed and Go at the dinning table playing their handheld games. Elijah’s parents were speaking with Jessie over at the bar in the corner while Elijah himself was standing with Aamil just a little bit away.
   “Concerned your parents won’t approve?” Aamil asked.
   “No. I’m concerned of embarrassing stories,” he replied before asking, “You still upset with the mission?”
   “Yes. We come to find Fliopt on limited information. We had no clue what he wanted until it was too late. His treasures caused much destruction and innocent lives were lost. We might have stopped them and grabbed some of his minions but Fliopt escaped,” Aamil said.
   “Body count is thankfully lower than expected,” Elijah stated.
   “Its never low enough,” Aamil snapped.
   “You’re right but we did good. We worked well with what we knew and stopped those two monsters,” Elijah said.
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Part 28

   Fliopt and Liola were disguised as humans. Fliopt fashioned his look after Tom Cruise with a few differences. Younger, a few inches taller, lighter colored hair and different shaped nose. Liola was pretty in a charm that made her look like a waif sized model from a runway show. The two were in parking lot structure along with three heavily armed masked men working out details for the pairs escape. The men held their large guns close while standing near a black van that had a fake Electrician Company banner on the side.
   “It’s half up front. Another half a mill on arrival. Plus some very valuable tools and weapons,” Fliopt offered.
   “We want the good shit,” one said.
   “That of course is a promise. Make those guns you carry look like yesteryears garbage,” Fliopt replied.
   “Alright, you have a deal,” another man said.
   “Excellent. Then let’s get a move on quick. I want to be outta this city,” said Fliopt.
   An arrow hit the ground, a flash bang made them avert their eyes. In the confusion Kestrel took out one man with a swift sweep to the legs while Ichi Senshi and Mr. Monster took out the other two. Fliopt and Liola stood with their backs to the car they arrived in and saw themselves outnumbered by Guard members.
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Part 27

   On West 77th and Broadway the Guard found themselves struggling with the remaining War Power. The one with Star-like symbol on its chest tore through buildings and cars. Leaving bodies on the street of anyone foolish to have been out or to be trying to stand it its way. When Mr. Monster, Huntsman, Kestrel, Ichi Senshi and Gravity Woman arrived on the scene the conflict did not feel even. The War Power was too strong. It absorbed their attacks and clicked them away until a sudden pause in the fight where it shut down. After a few moments then it let loose a distorted scream and unleashed a series of energy blasts form the narrow slit it had for eyes, before running through a series of buildings.
   Two minutes had passed since then, minutes that felt longer than they actually were. Kestrel and Gravity Woman were atop a two story building where the top floor were homes and the bottom floors were business’. Gravity Woman was cussing the situation while rubbing her helmet which had been given good protection. Kestrel was loading an arrow into her crossbow as her mind raced on possible ways to contribute beside being the distraction.
   “I got a plan,” said Kestrel.
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Part 26

   The phone, or gPhone, was good. While many phones were down in Manhattan due to the power and the knocking out of towers Tesla did a good job making it so the Guard can communicate. Though it made it hard for allies to get into contact with them. The message Reina Titán received had to be minutes old. The news it gave even older. Nicole Stanis and the police, agents, feds and military were using Sat Phones, walkie talkies, or other devices that could keep the communication going in the dark. Stanis had to contact an outside source to pass the message. A message about where Reina should focus her forces. She sent a message to her teammates back at the suite and put the majority of them in and around the Upper West Side while she would take East Village with Flash-Man as her only back up.
   This split was smarter. Titán’s brief fight with one of the War Powers taught her one thing-they smelled Jerole’s power on her. She could beat them but it might involve a heavy response and that type of force could damage her surroundings. Peoples lives would be danger if she let it all out-but it might have to be that way. These relics, these Manhunters from the Red Planet, needed to be finished off quickly. Flash-Man can assist in dealing with damage and protecting lives. The other team should be able to handle the other War Machine, or at least wear it down. Huntsman had the most power and Mr. Monster had the smarts. The other three had their strengths. Gravity Woman could fight long range, Ichi had the guts and skill, while Kestrel could provide distraction and also work with keeping the sight clear of casualties.
   Reina Titán moved across the dark Manhattan skies thanks to her gPhones GPS, which guided her far enough to see fire in the distance. She landed on the intersection of 2nd Avenue and East 9th Street and Reina sensed movement up ahead. She squinted, her powers allowing her excellent vision. So even in complete darkness her eyes adjusted to so Reina could view movement.
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Part 25

   “This blows,” were the words that came from Eartha’s lips. Her two companions agreed with whole heartily. Eartha, Pearl and Go were looking out into the sunset from atop the classy hotel that was being used as their base of operations for the case. It had been a rough day. The night before the power blacked out through most of Manhattan. The power company started working on the problem but with the relics popping up and causing destruction progress was slow. Earlier in the day the team split into two small units and ventured out to confront the War Powers. Eartha (Gravity Woman) and Pearl 9Kestrel) went out with Reina Titán, while Go (Ichi Senshi) was with Mr. Monster, Huntsman and Flash-Man. It would have been better to go as one unit but with the two Manhunters operating solo and the uncertainty of their strengths compared to their weapons and powers Reina thought they might have a chance. It did not work nor did it fail.
   From what Go explained, when they encountered one of the War Powers Huntsman had hit hard and fast, however the one with the Star was stronger. It fought back and the blasts, while rocking it, did not have the desired effect. Huntsman did not have much time to put more behind the blasts before he was pulverized through a building. Monster tried to take it down to the ground and wrestle it but that did not work. Go tried assisting but when they collided weapons its strength was too much. Flash-Man stuck to keeping collateral damage to a minimal and did not get much time to help before it went back underground and lost them. Flash-Man wanted to pursue but Monster chose to hold back. The other fight was a different story. Reina Titán took on the enemy with Eartha playing back up while Pearl dealt with moving people to safety. Reina tried to make short work of it and her vicious strikes took the Manhunter from Mars by surprise. It created enough distance before slipping away in the wake of damage to cover slow Titán.
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Part 24

   Night rolled in with Jessie taking on aerial surveillance and checking the destruction they had been attributed to the Alien War Powers. Aamil was monitoring police chatter and in contact with GR44 back at base. Pearl and Eartha were passed out in their beds while Reed, Elijah, Go and Michie were in the living room with board games while the TV was on low, keeping them tuned into the local news.
   “They are investigating the tunnels. Doing so slowly. The Hub hasn’t reported anything. Right now nothing, but those things can’t stay hidden for too long,” Elijah explained to Jessie on the phone.
   “Not with the military moving in,” Michie commented. She was seated next to Elijah as she studied the Sorry board before making her move.
   “You be safe. …Yes, me too. Bye,” Elijah said before hanging up. He turned to Michie and said, “You’ve been here before. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for news on Jessie and Sally, how do you deal with it?”
   “I use to sleep badly. Always worried. Now I normally sleep okay. But I always kept my phone close by,” Michie answered.
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Part 18

   The window smashed open and Kestrel stepped in first to a small bedroom. She hollered that it was safe and in came Ichi Senshi followed by Gravity Woman who had been dangling them by the window. Gravity had suggested finding another entrance into the club and with the help of of the Intelligence Hub discovered that there was an office above the club floor that was linked up to an apartment. This renovation and construction paid for by the last club owner. Upon entering it was clear the room had been lived in.
   “Bathroom is clear,” Kestrel announced while Ichi looked through the dresser.
   “I got guns,” Ichi said.
   “Notebook here-written in a foreign language,” Gravity Woman said of the book by the bed. Ichi asked for it and leafed through.
   “Alien,” he commented.
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Part 17

   Reina Titán, Mr. Monster and Flash-Man arrived in the basement of the old newspaper building. This was where the alien graffiti was discovered by Flash-Man and Kestrel. Mr. Monster put his nose to the ground to pick up any scents while Flash-Man and Reina looked for more signs.
   “Nothing on my end,” Flash-Man said.
   “Maybe slow down a little?” suggested Titán. Flash-Man nodedd his head did another sweep.
   After a few minutes Reina stated, “I don’t see anything either. If this really is a marker they were not making it easy.”
   “I’m picking up scents but… Too many all over,” Mr. Monster said. He pulled a counter from his belt and measured the readings and added, “There is a hint of magic in the air.”
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